Smart GPS Tracker
Smart GPS Tracker
Smart GPS Tracker

Smart GPS Tracker

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Travelzoid® GPS Tracker is an intelligent, GPS-GSM tiny device that allows you to track and find your valuable items and loved ones, see their exact location, and automatically get alerted when sending distress signals. 

It’s a real-time GPS tracking device & platform that is used to track, get alerts and safely keep everything that lives or moves: kids, elderly, dogs, cars, motorcycles, equipment, drones, boats, shipments, luggage, etc. Tracki is patented, works worldwide, and covers unlimited distance. Tracki also has panic buttons to send SOS alerts.
Peace - Safety - Security
No more wrecked nerves. No more calling a phone that won't pick up. No more mystery. With this you can always keep an eye on your precious things. Use it for any tracking or emergency alert purposes. The mini GPS tracker gives you peace of mind.

Voice Recording

Once you call the SIM card number, you'll be able to hear voices around the tracker. As there will be no light or noise around the tracker, you will be able to watch what is going on quietly and covertly. You can text 555 to the SIM card number to begin recording, and it will respond with "Snd.".

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