Lion Plushie Pet Bag
Lion Plushie Pet Bag
Lion Plushie Pet Bag
Lion Plushie Pet Bag
Lion Plushie Pet Bag
Lion Plushie Pet Bag

Lion Plushie Pet Bag

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Never part with your lovely companions anymore with this cute lion carrier shoulder bag!

Bring your furry friend on an adventure without sacrificing comfort and style using this cute lion carrier shoulder bag! 



  • Lion Canvas Pet Carrier
    A lovely carrier designed in a handy shoulder tote-like bag with a funny 3D cartoon lion canvas that would surely add to your pet’s cuteness. Allowing you to stylishly take your precious furry friend anytime, anywhere with you while safely securing them. Moreover, it features a spacious opening that lets you easily load your companion in and out when needed. Providing you and your pet an ideal seamless travel at all times. 

  • Excellent Comfortability
    Equipped with a sturdy, wide double-shoulder strap which eliminates any pressure on the arm. It also has an ultra-soft, breathable fabric that would gently hug your pooch’s or tabby’s skin without causing them irritation or discomfort. The bag ensures a consistent airflow throughout your trips to avoid your furry friend from hard breathing and overheating. Additionally, it offers a mini open area where they can freely poke their head out for optimum comfort and so they can take in the scenery. It even enables you to easily feed your dog or cat with their favorite snacks and keep them hydrated without the need to take them out. No worries as the open head slot has a safety strap that allows it to be adjusted depending on your pet’s head circumference.It lets you change its size that’s only enough for your pet’s head to poke through to avoid any accidental falling or being too tight or loose.   

  • Wide Application
    Hold your pet stylishly on each of your trips and let them unleash their cute little roar fashion using this lion design carrier. Suitable for malling, grocery shopping, public transportation, parks, picnics, travels, daily walks, and more possibilities. Making it an excellent bag for transporting your pet’s everywhere that can make everyone head turns.
  • Suitable for All Toy Pet Sizes
    The adorable pet carrier can securely hold most cat and dog breeds. Perfect for pugs, chihuahuas, mini pinscher, poodles, Bichon frisé, pomeranian, terrier, siamese, burmese, munchkins and so on. This pet carrier’s head slot offers a reinforced support for your pet’s head while also ensuring that it won’t harm their skin and neck.   
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, pet-friendly fabric material with an exceptional durability and long-lasting performance. It can be used daily and washed clean without fading, threading or damaging. Furthermore, this carrier does not also get scratched easily with your pet's sharp nails.


  • Material: Canvas, plush
  • Size:  40 x 35 x 10cm
  • Color: Green, grey-white, grey, blue


  • 1 x Lion Plushie Shoulder Bag Pet Carrier

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