Fart Bubble Gun
Fart Bubble Gun
Fart Bubble Gun

Fart Bubble Gun

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This bubble fart blower turns your home or office into a laugh factory.

Just set it down, fill it up, and watch it blow!


  • Eco-friendly. The plastic is non-toxic and the bubble holder is spill-proof. Because we agree that jokes shouldn’t come at the environment's expense.
  • It moves! The man’s arms swing back and forth, causing an eruption of bubbles to stream out of his behind.
  • Runs on batteries. No messy cords to trip over or extra expense on your electric bill, because who wants that?
  • Lightweight and portable. Pick it up, move it around, bring it to the neighborhood BBQ or your kid’s birthday day part and share the laughter.
  • Works with bubbles or diluted dish soap. Never run out of bubbles again! If you need more solution, just make your own with a little dish soap.


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