2 in 1 Vacuum Sweeper
2 in 1 Vacuum Sweeper
2 in 1 Vacuum Sweeper
2 in 1 Vacuum Sweeper

2 in 1 Vacuum Sweeper

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Make your life easier with our Multifunctional Vacuum Sweeper! 

World’s first broom and vacuum cleaner in one


Our 2-in-1 Vacuum Sweeper is an innovative broom that vacuums, so you get a clean sweep that’s dustpan free.

Use our 2-in-1 Sweeper Cleaning Tool with Built-in Vacuum like a normal broom to sweep dust, dirt, and debris into a line on the floor, then vacuum it up by simply tilting and pressing the built-in suction nozzle to the floor.

With one touch on the button, you can release the mess straight into your bin. It’s lightweight and has a built-in rechargeable battery, plus it's completely cordless, what makes it’s easy to use


Our broom with vacuum is powerful and accurate, while performing quietly for noise-free cleaning. High-quality, finely-flag-ended bristles ensure sweeping up of the tiniest particles that you can vacuum, letting you clean with comfort, and eliminating the need for dustpans.

undefinedSMART NOZZLE: Simply tilt and press the pressure-activated nozzle against the floor to start the suction. Once the surface is clean, just lift it up and the suction stops, eliminating any need for extra buttons and switches.

STURDY HANDLE: A 3-piece, interlocking, and non-wiggle handle make a sturdy cleaning supply for you. With a perfect-grip design, enjoy a firm grip while working.

undefinedDURABLE MATERIAL: The fine-flagged, heavy-duty bristles of the 2-in-1 Vacuum Sweeper are made with premium quality materials to remain durable while offering lightweight use.

undefinedCONVENIENT STORAGE: It can be hung anywhere for easy, vertical storage to save space. Hang it in cleaning closets, behind cupboard doors, in storage rooms, and more.


What our customers say

"It's really strong and powerful and works on hardwood floors and carpets. This vacuum broom is lightweight and compact. It doesn't make a loud noise as other vacuum does. Easy to clean in the corner or between furniture. My little one even uses it, she thinks it's fun. Also very easy to clean just open the cab and empty it. It comes with a cleaning accessory to make work even easier. You don't need to find extra space to store it just hang it on the wall. Will definitely recommend it to friends.


Anny M.


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